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What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?

Spec Sheets

Bakery/Bread/Pastry Cases

Artisan Bread Shelving:

Artisan Bread Shelving

Artisan Low Profile Bread Shelving

Artisan Inline Bread Merchandiser

Classic Upright Bakery Cases:

Classic Upright Pastry Case

Classic Low Profile Pastry Case

Classic Bagel/Roll Case  

Classic Upright Pastry Warmer

Euro Bakery Cases:

Euro Self Service Donut Case

Euro Service Dry Bakery Case

Euro Service Refrigerated Pastry Case

Euro Self-Service Refrigerated Pastry Case

Salad & Olive Bars

Salad Bars

Island Salad Bar

Island Salad Bar Options & End Stations

Inline Salad Bar

Inline Salad Bar Option & End Stations

Mobile Cold Bar with Tray Slides

Olive Bars

Island Olive Bar

Mobile Olive Bar with Air-Under Refrigeration

Mobile Olive Bar with Air-Over Refrigeration

Mobile Olive Bar with Copper Cold Pan

Hot Food & Soup Bars

Hot Food Bars

Service Hot Food Line-Up

Inline Service Straight Canopy Hot Food Bar

Inline Service Curved Canopy Hot Food Bar

Island Hot Food Bar

Soup Bars

Island Round Soup Bar

Island Half-Round Soup Bar

Island Oval Soup Bar

Inline Soup End Cap

Packaged Food Merchandisers

Refrigerated Merchandisers:

Euro Service Refrigerated Deli Case

Refrigerated End Cap Merchandiser

Refrigerated Low Profile End Cap Merchandiser

Refrigerated Island Merchandiser

Refrigerated Low Profile Island Merchandiser

Refrigerated Grab-N-Go Merchandiser

Refrigerated High Profile Grab-N-Go Merchandiser

Refrigerated Low Profile Mobile Merchandiser

Refrigerated High Profile Mobile Merchandiser

Heated Merchandisers:

Island Hot Food Merchandiser

Mobile Rotisserie Chicken Warmer

Multi-Deck Hot Food Merchandiser

Octagon Hot Food Merchandiser

Round Hot Food Merchandiser

Combo Merchandisers:

Dual Zone (Hot/Cold) Island Merchandiser

Combo Soup Merchandiser

4' Dual Zone Merchandiser with Dry Top

Food Prep Cases:

Sandwich/Sushi/Pizza Prep Case

Refrigerated Sandwich/Food Prep Case


Point of Sale,
Cash Counters,
Wedges & Fillers


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What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?


What's new at R&D Fixtures? R&D Fixtures - Merchandising Equipment