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What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?

Salad Bars / Olive Bars

Inline salad bar at Price Choppers
Custom U-shaped salad bar.

Our standard salad bar units feature 18 gauge stainless steel interior pans with 18 gauge galvanized steel underneath exterior. The base cabinet and counter top consist of 3/4" plywood panels finished in high pressure plastic laminate with stainless steel corner protectors and 1"vinyl bumpers. Storage areas below house controls, electrical and plumbing components. LED lighting and remote refrigeration is standard. R&D Fixtures exclusive coppered cold pan technology saves energy and work. Air-over/Air-under cold pans also available.

Island Salad bar with corner container recessIsland and Inline salad bars are available in 6', 8', 10', 12', and 14' standard sizes with many options (including stone and solid surface counter tops) and accessories.
See the spec sheets below for more information. To find a rep in your area, a sales territory map is provided here.

Prefer metal frame construction?
Our Decor Match units feature metal frame construction and removeable side panels that facilitate maintenance and make it easy to switch exterior finishes in the event of decor change or damage. Exterior panels are attached with magnets so no tools are needed to remove or replace. Click here for more more information on our Decor Match engineering. The Decor Match system is available for refrigerated or heated food bars.

Please contact us for information on how to meet your food merchandising goals.

Roundys New Berlin Salad Bar
Island Salad bar configured from 2 standard units with lift up glass canopy and optional finishes. The container storage built into the sides is an option.
Inline Combo Bar at Cosantino's Downtown in Kansas City
Storage built into the sides is an option.
Custom 83' inline salad bar
Island Salad Bar
Island Salad bar with optional finishes and tray recess (used for packaged product in this case).

Spec Sheets

Island Salad Bar

Island Salad Bar Options & End Stations

Inline Salad Bar

Inline Salad Bar Option & End Stations

Mobile Cold Bar with Tray Slides

Island Olive Bar

Mobile Olive Bar with Air-Under Refrigeration

Mobile Olive Bar with Air-Over Refrigeration

Mobile Olive Bar with Copper Cold Pan

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What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?


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